Tree-Corr: A New Optimization Approach for Energy Saving in the Wireless Sensor Network

  • Mohammed KADDI LDDI Laboratory, Mathematics, and Computer Science Department, University of Adrar, Algeria
  • Abdelghani Bouhamidi
  • Khaled Hamidatou
Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Routing protocols, Energy Saving, Residual energy, Network lifetime, Tree-Corr.


In wireless networks, routing protocols allow establishing routes between nodes to route packets between them. However, in sensor networks, routing protocols establish routes between any network node and the base station to ensure routing fidelity. In this respect, several protocols have been proposed in the literature. There are new protocols that have been developed as there are protocols that are improvements to others and try to fill the limitations of the original versions. In this work, we propose a new optimization technique for energy saving for wireless sensor networks called Tree-Correlation (Tree-Corr) using the tree structure as a routing protocol to reduce the data transmission distance of nodes at the base station. We propose three scenarios for our approach according to the method of deploying nodes in the area of interest. The simulation results show that the first scenario offers energy efficiency compared to the other two scenarios.