Plagzoom: Plagiarism detection tool in a document

  • Mohamed Amine Cheragui University of Adrar
  • Rima Rouibia
  • Imane Belhadj
Keywords: information retrieval, Request, Corpus, Search models, Plagiarism


With the appearance of the transformation of the oral transcription into the written form and exponentially broad. So many ways of searching have been brought for exact and automatic access to the information although the pressure of optimal operating of large data base. This work is included within the information retrieval scope. Its aim is to create a plagiarism detection tool consisting of a collection of documents. The development of our tool has passed through two complimentary phases, which are: the indexing phase and the search phase. The latter allows us select, within an already saved collection of documents, pertinent information (documents) providing the information we need. We have adopted a dictionary to preserve useful information, this dictionary is in the form of a database that contains one single table. The latter contains all the information concerning the collection of documents.