Valorisation de la Carotte Cultivée en vue d’une Application Biotechnologique

  • O. Bouchenak, K. Yahiaoui, N. Benhabyles, R. Laoufi, S. Boumaza, S. Toubal, Dj. Blizak, K. Arab Laboratoire Bioinformatique, Microbiologie appliquée et Biomolécules, Faculté des Sciences, Université M’Hamed Bougara de Boumerdes, Algérie
Keywords: Daucus carota L., essential oil, antioxidant activity, microbial activity


As part of the development of the Algerian flora, this study relates to a species of the Apiaceae family cultivated carrot (Daucus carota L.). The objective of this work is to enhance the integration of essential oils from carrots grown in cosmetics. Thus, a physicochemical analysis, followed by an evaluation of the antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil was carried out. With a yield of around 0.74 ± 0.05%, the essential oil obtained was found to comply with standards dictated by AFNOR. Furthermore, the antioxidant activity has shown an ability to reduce the DPPH radical with an IC50 of 502.25 ± 0.060 mg / ml. As for antimicrobial activity, the aromatogram revealed a sensitivity of the bacterial strains and a resistance of fungi and yeasts to the essential oil of the seeds of cultivated carrots. Thus, and in order to better enhance the goods made from this cultivated plant, HE is incorporated into a cosmetic product, toilet soap.